Our Company

About IPG

The International Programs Group (IPG) is among North America's leading TPA providers with offices in the United States and Canada. We are fully staffed to handle all lines and complexity of claims. Each team of senior and desktop examiners is knowledgeable of the service levels required to handle claims domestically across the United States. In addition, we have the expertise and experience to work in the Lloyd’s market. When adjusters are required, IPG assigns from a roster which includes a variety of niche, regional and national firms.

IPG has a long history serving the claims adjusting and Third Party Administration needs for markets across Canada and the US. Thanks to strategic acquisition and organic growth, IPG is comprised of the best professionals in the industry dedicated to serving your claim with the care and consideration it deserves.

Our Third Party Administrators provide claims services domestically, and also for Lloyd's market in London and self-insured entities. Our deep knowledge of regions across the United States means our team in America can handle domestic claims throughout the nation. From the Lloyd’s syndicates, coverholders, and stakeholders’ perspective, we understand the care with which your claim must be handled. Our specialized team of experts has specific knowledge of the intricacies of both local and London markets and acts in accordance with governance requirements here and in the UK. We also provide adjusting services related to commercial property, homeowner property, casualty, diesel trucks/trailers, motor truck cargo, heavy equipment, and products liability insurance claims.

Since its inception, IPG has grown to a multi-line independent adjusting and third-party administration firm that handles a variety of claim types across the insurance spectrum. We give our clients with peace of mind knowing that their interests are looked after by a team of professionals with expertise and licensing in all jurisdictions within Canada and the United States. That’s why we are the next best thing to you being here.

Our Claims Handling Philosophy 

Guided by a claims handling philosophy that has evolved from years of experience in the London market, our examiners strive to be fair and respectful, to adhere to the rules, and communicate with clarity. We endeavour to keep an eye on the big picture, keeping all parties in mind without losing sight of the important details so that valid, reasonable claims can be settled as promptly, economically, and professionally as possible.

More specifically, our claims handling philosophy involves:

  • An aggressive, proactive, and thorough investigation of each and every claim
  • Timeliness in claim handling and adjusting
  • Detailed claims documentation with electronic notes
  • Manager supervision, guidance, and input in the claims process
  • Appropriate management of claims expenses
  • Management that is active and involved in the litigation process
  • Timeliness in loss reserving according to our clients’ respective reserve philosophies
  • Valuating claims properly and economically
  • Payment of claims only where insured or insurer is legally liable
  • Realistic claims reserving in accordance with client guidelines and philosophy