MI Reporting

Monitor your portfolio to your exact specifications with IPG's Management Information reports.

Keep your organization on track with our Management Information (MI) reports tailored to your specifications and accessible 24/7. These reports are created and managed to best suit your requirements whether you are a customer, client, or cover holder. All reports are customized according to your needs and parameters.

All reporting is automated and provided at prearranged times by a simple phone call or email request. In case of an emergency, they can be accessed online.

Our MI reports will demonstrate how your portfolio is handled while providing critical information often requested by your stakeholders.

Some examples of what IPG MI reports can detail include:

  • Contracts by section/co-leads
  • Enhanced data sets
  • File handling and quality
  • Reserving and severity
  • Cost analysis
  • Cycle times
  • Trending

We have the technology and capability to report on any metric or to any data capture specification. This claims management technology is designed to meet your service levels. We will work with you to create an MI report template that gives you exactly the information you need. This is just one more way that we treat your claim like it was our own. You can also use our reports to support your own internal and external auditing processes.

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