Insurance Expert Witness

Our experts have unique relationships and expertise based on past and current real world experience.

Thanks to our dedicated and experienced professionals, IPG delivers high-quality expert witness results. Whether the proceedings involve bad faith, claims handling, breach of duty, or other legal issues, the outcome may depend on the careful and immediate analysis by our experts who not only handle claims themselves, but also have used that knowledge to present the strongest and the most persuasive case possible based on the available facts and evidence.

Our main concern is to serve our customers with superior service at a fair price. We provide our clients with comprehensive information and analysis of their cases. Our experts are thoroughly familiar with the usual and customary practices and standards in the insurance industry.

Our dedicated Expert Witness is Mark Pollack. Mr. Pollack has over 30 years’ experience working as an examiner and claims manager. He was also the majority shareholder and Past President of ARM, which was acquired by IPG's parent, SCM.

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