Desktop Adjusting

End-to-end claims adjusting that reduces cycle time and offsets costs.

IPG’s "desktop" model ensures comprehensive management of your claim, completely in house. We act in your stead throughout the claims process, as if your claims were ours. From end-to-end, our examiners handle your first party claims while offsetting those costs associated with third party adjusting, and longer cycle time.

IPG is your surrogate in the marketplace. This means our examiners deal with the insured directly. Investigations are conducted by phone, and tasks are assigned to field adjusters. Claims are quantified, negotiated, and settled efficiently, and payments are processed quickly.

IPG examiners are experienced in managing a variety of claims by relying on local resources and through managed relationships with a panel of experts. Using field adjusters only as required, we realize a number of efficiencies for our clients in both time and expense. Not all files are appropriate for desktop handling and IPG has developed a protocol to be used as a guide when triaging claims.

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