Examining and Litigation Management

Leveraging professional contacts across the country, our examiners understand the local environment.

At IPG, we understand the intricacies of Lloyd’s requirements for claims handling. Further, because of our extensive network, we have the local expertise needed to ensure you’ve got the right person on the ground handling your claim. Leveraging professional contacts across the country, our examiners understand the local environment as needed and work within the Lloyd’s requirements for claims handling. This both protects your brand in the marketplace and ensures your dollars are properly spent.

Acting entirely on your behalf, our examiners review the claim, confirm coverage, set reserves, and provide instructions to approved examiners and counsel. Working with local service providers, our examiners ensure that you get the information you require exactly the way you want it.

Litigation Management
IPG helps you to alleviate and control costs associated with your claim by developing and implementing internal claims handling procedures and handling your claim from start to finish. Throughout the claims process, we provide expertise on claims resolution, including managing litigation when necessary. As your interests are ours, we are mindful of your budget throughout our work. IPG only engages legal counsel when and if it is required, thereby saving you unnecessary expenditure.

Fully licensed across the United States, our examiners manage files according to your claims and reserving philosophy, maintaining consistency and providing you with peace of mind. Our examiners function as an extension of your organization and work on your behalf.

Use of Independent Examiners
When necessary, field examiners are chosen from a pre-approved panel of national and regional firms and assigned on a task or full handle basis. IPG examiners provide detailed instructions with respect to expectations, and all examiners are provided with Terms of Engagement. These measures reduce both the cost and cycle time of a file.

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